Monday, August 30, 2010


By Carly Floyd

endless days and night
season of freedom
of unhurried bliss
full of everything and nothing
seeming so eternal
like these days of sun
will just go on forever
but in just one day
these days of no restrictions end
and yet
this blue sky has never looked so bright

Sigh of Summer

By Carly Floyd

Season of the sun
Of long days in golden light
Of emerald grass, laying on a hill
Watching clouds go by in a clear blue sky
Walking barefoot down the street
Yelling, laughing, getting burned by the hot asphalt.
Season of freedom
Of reading by the pool,
Of bonfires that go well into the night,
Eating smores and telling stories.
Of beaches, and digging your toes into the sand.
Of travel.
Of driving with windows rolled down,
Singing along with the radio.
Carefree summer mind has no notion of time
Or reason
And end is inconcievable
So why
Can't we go on as if this will last forever?

Letting Go

By Carly Floyd

Everyone moving forward
Blurs from where I'm standing
Parting around me,
A river
Me, a rock to halt the waters
Divert them
If only for a moment.
People changing
Moving on from here
While I remain unchanged
Just the same.
Around me, laughter
Talk of plans
Of new places
For their fresh new faces.
And me
I sit
In the same corner as always
I want to hold them here
And go on like this forever
But they are moving forward
With me still in my corner
Afraid to get up,
And change
But I know, secretly,
That soon I'll have to let them go.

Summer Sky

By Carly Floyd

In the stifling heat of summer
Newly come
Not yet accustomed to the dry sun
And so all the more unbearable,
I sit
In a dark house, crumbling around me
Windows open, trying to catch
The nonexistent breeze
Through the open window,
The broken screen,
I see a square of pure blue sky
Without a cloud anywhere,
So bright it hurts my eyes.
And I sit there, staring out
Wanting to go outside, and see more
Where my view is inhibited
But the thought, lazy and slow in this heat,
Passes by unnoticed.
And I sit, watching the day go by.

Freshman Year

By Carly Floyd

This building
How many times have I sat,
Staring at the clock, waiting to go home?
How many times have I sat here,
walked there,
done that?
This routine is so deeply embedded.
I feel I could go on forever this way.
(If I could fit forever in a day)
It seems like only yesterday we talked of that
Was it last month the ceiling fell?
Or I fell in the hallway from laughing so much.
So many memories of thus year
So many laughs, and pictures
So many firsts.
So many people I got to know, to talk to.
I have all of these things in my mind,
I carry them with me.
But now
Now I have to leave, and it will be months
Months until I next see this place, these people.
But I will have changed.
And some things will be gone forever.
So, bittersweet, I go.
Looking back at my school, I say goodbye.
And for better or worse,
Here comes the summer.


By Carly Floyd

Fragile Dream
Fragile random idle thought
Born in sleep
Darkened mind
Darkened realm of hidden want
I see
Every twisting path to take
Then I wake
To find that all of it was fake

2 AM

By Carly Floyd

Baby it's 2 in the morning again
We're both tired but neither of us giving in...
I'm sorry for the things I said
But hey
You hurt me too.
And I know I'm a hypocrite,
Asking you to keep the past the past
Cause I can't forget what you said either.
And right now
All I wanna do is chuck the phone at the wall.
Here we go with the threats,
The mindgames.
I'm getting fucking sick of falling into this pattern hun.
But what can we do?
We're both too damn stubborn to wanna fix this.
And it's always times like these when I wonder if we even should.
But the pain in my chest
And the emptiness in my heart
And the tears in my eyes
Remind me why we go through this every night.
I love you...
Can we move past this now?